CE Approved Protective Clothing

CE Approved Protective Clothing Website

Research has shown that in a crash protective clothing is able to reduce the severity of injuries. However, there is no guarantee that what is currently sold as motorcycle protective clothing is “fit for purpose”

In 2010 the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA) commissioned a study into how to improve consumer information on protective clothing. The report on the findings of the study is available at http://www.amc.asn.au/web/sites/default/files/maa_motorcycle_clothing_report.pdf

The report recommended that a 5 Star system similar to ANCAP for cars be introduced. This scheme would have two ratings, one for ‘protection’ and the other for thermal comfort.

The Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) supports the introduction of a 5 Star rating scheme. See http://www.amc.asn.au/web/sites/default/files/protective_clothing.pdf for more information on the AMC’s position on protective clothing

As an interim measure until a 5 Star system is introduced, the AMC has developed this webpage to list gear currently being offered for sale in Australia that conforms to the European Standards.



  • To compile this list the AMC has relied on the suppliers / manufacturer’s information to determine gear that complies with the CE Standards. The AMC has endeavoured to ensure that the gear listed below does in fact conform with the Standards but urges riders to examine the information supplied with the gear to satisfy themselves at the point of sale that the gear is marked with the CE motorcycle symbol and the documentation refers to the relevant standards EN 13595 jackets, pants & one piece suits, EN 13594 Gloves and EN 13634 Footwear.
  • many manufacturers refer to EN 1621 which is for armour including back protectors but this covers only the armour not the garment itself.
  • EN 13595 has 2 test levels, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 2 giving a higher level of ptotection


EN 13595 jackets, pants & one piece suits

Aldi's Torque

  • Jackets (available only in August)
  • Pants (available only in August) 


  • Atem Jacket

Arlen Ness 

  • Sentinel CE Race Suit 


  • CE Race Suit 


  • VoloCE Jeans


  • Tekno WP jacket & pants 
  • Road WP jacket 
  • Triforce jacket 


  • Laguna Seca Suit  

Draggin Jeans 

  • Men’s C-Evo Jeans
  • Women’s C-Evo Jeans
  • Holeshot Jeans

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes

  • FXRG Performance Riding Jean 


  • Montana HP Jacket 
  • Dune HP JacketSegura


  • All leather jackets


  • Giacia H2Out Ergo 365 Pro Expedition jacket 
  • Ergo 365 Pro H2Out jacket 
  • Tour S7 H2Out suit
  • Galaxy WP jacket

EN 13594 Gloves

Aldi's Torque

  • Gloves (Available only in August)



  • Pro Expert HP Gloves
  • Pro Tender
  • Pro Apex 2 HP


  • Raptor 2 CE WP

EN 13634 Footwear.


  • Supertech-R Boots 
  • SMX Plus Boots 
  • Stella Gran Torino GTX Ladies Boots
  • Ridge Waterproof Boots
  • S-MX 5 Boots
  • Web Gore-Tex Boots 
  • Gran Torino Gore-Tex® Boot


  • Tractech Evo WP Boot
  • Tractech Evo II
  • Paragon 2 CE WP


  • XPD XP7-R Boots


  • R-S2 Boots
  • S-R1 Boots
  • S-Sportour Boots


  • AS3 Boots


  • Travel Star GTX Pro